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Autumn/Autumnal Equinox/Family Day/Ice Cream Cone Day/American Business Women's Day/White Chocolate Day
2008-09-22 @ 5:59 p.m.

Got home at around 3 am this morning. Hong Kin's party was fun, although I didn't imbibe a lot of alcohol. Seriously, Bailey's and pulpy orange juice is disgusting! Chilled at Liang Court McDonald's with Jared, Jasmine and Kok Chong after we left Global Sounds Caf´┐Ż, which explains why I got home so late. Or early, to be technical about it. Sitting and talking in the early hours of the morning is actually pretty fun, in its own way. Shared a taxi back with Jared, and it started pouring when we got to his place in Lentor. The sudden downpour pleased me, for some reason. I have a thing for huge thunderstorms, which I find to be one of the truly beautiful spectacles of nature, which cannot be fully appreciated in a concrete jungle like Singapore, where even the greenery is practically cemented into its tidy, allocated place. In other news, I have finally finished packing! I'm just under the 40 kg limit, I think, so if anything goes wrong at the airport, I'll just take Fowler's Modern English Usage out! I've also set up my new blog, so I'm ready to migrate there come tomorrow, if I can get Internet access then. (All I did was rename my class's dead blog's URL to "wequoteshakespeare", which was the tagline on our class sweater, and reclaimed "perfectsublimemasters" for myself!) I'm not feeling very emo about leaving, since I pretty much went through that two days ago! So yeah, I'm just praying that all will go smoothly. From the flight, all the way to little things like settling into Westwood (and hopefully coming to like it) and setting up a bank account. Here's to an awesome three years ahead, for all of us UK-bound students!

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